Hi, I'm Jochen.

I work as a Software Engineer, designing and coding beautifully simple things

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Omomi Sushi


A fully functioning website for Omomi Sushi in Chicago. We discussed various features to be implemented, including a function to order takeout through their site. Omomi Sushi is a traditional sushi restaurant with a modern touch in the River North neighborhood and specializes in premium fish from Japan.

Dr. Jingmai O'Connor


Dr. O'Connor was in need for a total overwhaul of her website, including a modern layout and a content management system. She is working as the Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles at the Field Museum in Chicago and is interviewed frequently about her research projects.

barleys BBQ & Brew

Los Angeles

barleys specializes in real, purist smoked meats prepared using hickory and oak hardwoods. They are proud of serving perfectly crafted BBQ and a modern selection of self-crafted beers. I was lucky to provide them with a website solution that served all of their needs.

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